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Monday, May 4, 2009

Success Stories From Our Customers Part 1 "Odor Control"


Over the years, we have received loads of feedback and success stories from our customers here at Aquafix, Inc. As with any business, stories of success are our backbone and life blood, so with pride I will share a few of these with you. Today, I will focus on the Dazzel Products for odor control and how they have worked for our clients.

Success Story DAZZeL Bricks

"The bricks work great. When you walk into our grit removal room you definitely smell the pine scent — and they last about nine months. "
Door County
Don and Scott with the remnants of a DAZZel Brick
Don and Scott with the remnants of a DAZZeL Brick
that they have been using for about nine months.
Don and Scott run a 150,000 gallon per day plant in Door County. They use our DAZZeL Bricks to eliminate odors in their grit removal room. Don also uses our VitaBricks in his lift station.

Success Story DAZZeL Scented Oil

"...provides a nice scent to knock down the pit toilet odors."
Northern Illinois State Park
Pit Toilet
Dan runs a state park in Northern Illinois and he finds the DAZZeL Scented Oil safer to use than the petroleum-based products they used before…and the nice orange scent keeps his customers happy.
He also uses our 5Alive for a kitchen drain line and our De-Foam 2000 in his wastewater plant.

You can read more success stories on our website at any time and of course, call us if you'd like to see how well our products work for you.

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