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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surfactants and Ammonia in Wastewater, Nitrification,Nitrosomonas and Ammonia in lagoons Newsletter


A month or so back we sent out our annual winter newsletter to our customers about some common problems that we run (and solve) into over at Aquafix, Inc. Surfactants and Ammonia in Wastewater, Nitrification, Nitrosomonas and Ammonia in lagoons are covered in this newsletter. Because we received such valuable feedback and appreciation for this edition, I felt it only appropriate to share this knowledge with our greater community. Of course we understand that this is a winter newsletter, yet the information is valuable and applicable no matter what time of year. You might be saying to yourself "What about a Spring Newsletter?" The Bugman has you covered! You can download the Spring Newsletter Here.

Aquafix, Inc. winter 2009 newsletter Aquafix, Inc. winter 2009 newsletter Kevin Ripp, "The Bug Man" Winter newsletter from "the Bugman" Kevin Ripp at AQUAFIX, Inc.

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